Welcome Beautiful Soul. If you’ve experienced a “Trauma Bond” from a relationship with a narcissist, it’s time to move on to a beautiful Travel Bond.
In Travel Bond Retreats, we focus on:
  • Healing the trauma bond from the relationship with a narcissist
  • Connect with others who understand, and in turn re-connect with ourselves.
  • Become Renewed and step back into our power.
When we’ve been through a relationship with a narcissist it’s time to go deep for healing.
And the way to do it is to take ourselves out of our familiar environment.
It’s time to put down the phone, step away from the computer, and re-connect with others and ourselves.
We need to get away to re-discover who we are.
The beautiful White Mountains of eastern Arizona is where I call home, and it’s one of the locations where I help women go deep for healing with the right tools an support to help them get on track in their life after a relationship with a narcissist.
One retreat location is the Aspen Lodge, which is a local family-owned lodge that’s set back in the pines and has spacious grounds with furry horse friends too (including a young mustang)!
How do I get there? You can drive to Alpine from Phoenix (about four hours), or you can take a short flight from Phoenix to Show Low on Southern Airways Express. (Talk to Kathleen about transportation from the Show Low airport.) You can also drive to Alpine from Albuquerque, New Mexico (about 3.5 hours).

To discuss scheduling a 1:1 retreat with Kathleen, please contact her directly at (480) 688-3924, or schedule a clarity call over Zoom.
I am feeling more focused and happier, many thanks to you. I am less worried and anxious, and taking one day at a time, while trying to get out in nature more for it relaxes me most. It feels like a gentle progression, it took a few days for everything to sink in after I left my retreat, and slowly, I’m changing my thought patterns and behavior. Your book has helped too.” Laurie Smith, retreat client.