Welcome! Stay tuned for my latest book on Narcissists, Empaths and Healing a Trauma Bond!

This is my award-winning book on healing from the inside out for weight loss results.

Lose the Diet – Transform your body by connecting with your soul is an award-winning book that I wrote (under my previous name) that’s really a TOOLBOX FOR LIFE.

Yes, it does address weight and discusses things around food, but at it’s core it’s about creating balance on ALL levels with stress management and emotional healing tips, etc.

There’s awesome info that you can go back to again and again. 

“I have read everything from Weight Watchers to Dr. Phil, but Lose the Diet is my absolute favorite”… It has really opened my mind to core values that everyone should be aware of. This book really gave me a new perspective on my self worth as well.” – Jennie A., ABookishMom.blogspot

“This book will change your life.” Kathy has given me hope…This book touches on every aspect of our lives. It is well-planned and well-written. I recommend it to all who have weight problems and are ready to change not only their weight, but their lives, for the better. – FertileHealthy.com

“I can hear you say, ‘oh just another diet book’.” Lose the Diet is not ‘just another diet book.’ The book is more of an inspirational guide. Allbooks Review

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