From My Head To My Heart…

I was the queen of getting stuck and endlessly spinning in my head. Feeling lost, time and time again.

I also found myself stuck in “Repeating Patterns”: Emotional eating, toxic relationships, etc.

After all, I spent over two decades in a very analytical and high level finance career, where I was so stuck in my head that I couldn’t begin to figure out my own direction in life.

When I went to a healing arts school, I was told by my teacher “get out of your head and into your heart”.

The truth is I needed to learn how to go deep to the soul level so I could heal, get out of the patterns I was stuck in and discover who I really was. (We are all a powerful spiritual being living a challenging human life.)

And it was there that I began to learn to tap into SOUL…

After studying mind-body wellness, I started to help others get unstuck in their life through transformational life coaching tools and deep, intuitive guided meditation. 

After being certified in mind-body wellness, working with women for years as a life coach and hypnotherapist, and writing an award-winning book about why diets and deprivation don’t work, I took up a hobby that had I wanted to do: Learn how to make chocolates.

While I was selling the chocolates at a farmer’s market, it was interesting to see the reaction from women.

Some of them looked at chocolate with fear, some of them said “it’s amazing but I’m on a diet”, and some of them would almost buy it and then backed out because they were afraid of weight gain. I often heard “I can’t because I’ll eat the whole box in one sitting”.

They were in total deprivation mode.

At first, I had decided to give my book Lose the Diet for free with purchase. Until I realized that it was the women who WEREN’T buying that needed it the most.

I saw how much they needed to go within, love themselves and savor life. Because the truth is that deprivation only backfires in the long run.

Because it’s really about healing our emotions and finding balance from within (and loving our life of course).

So I’ve put my tools together in programs and retreats that help women go within to get on track, find balance and savor life.

“Thank you for all your emails as they have helped me lose 34 lbs to date. Much appreciated.” Selke

Re-connecting with myself was a big lesson for me, as Kathy’s book pointed out. She gave me insight into this process, and pounds began to melt away without struggle. A new way of nurturing my body has been a pleasure and a delight.”
Debra R. Williams

PS:  Kathleen lives in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona with her fabulous other half, and her animal friends that include three dogs, two cats and her three “kids” (goat friends, of course). She’s also the owner of White Mountain Chocolates.