Healing After A Narcissist Triggered By A Narcissist

When We’re Still Triggered From A Narcissist (Even Years Later)

If you’ve been out of a relationship with a narcissist for awhile but still feel triggered when you see or hear something about them, you’re not alone.

The word “triggered” refers to that negative emotion that hits you on a deep level. It’s so deep that you feel it in your body.

You might feel it in your stomach, head, back, etc., and it’s trying to tell you something.

This happened to me when I was three years out of the marriage to a narcissist.

A friend asked me what the narcissist was currently doing, and I said “how should I know, I don’t have contact with them!”

It brought up “unhealed anger” in me.

Another friend was telling me that the narcissist had married the person they discarded me for and how incredibly similar the wedding was.

In fact, it was really bizarre.

So that hit me on a deep level that felt painfully creepy.

And what it told me was that I needed to do more work on myself.

I needed to go even deeper than I had before. (It’s true that time helps us to heal, but it can only do so much.)

So I spent the next several months working with someone on the layers that were still left over from before.

For example: I wanted to warn other women about this person, but it wasn’t realistic, and it wasn’t my responsibility.

There was still guilt, grief and remorse that had continued.

Sometimes we just get used to feeling a certain way, and it becomes part of our “new normal”. Then we heal it, and we realize how much better we feel after it’s gone.

We become free of the chains from the trauma of it all.

So if you’re still feeling triggered, it’s time to take a look at what the old wounds are that are still in need of healing beneath the surface.

Go deeper and discover what’s really going on.

And get the support from someone who can take you there, since doing it on our own is really hard because we can’t read the label when we’re inside the bottle.

Then when the emotion is healed and released, it’s no longer there to interrupt our life with intense negative emotion and uncomfortable feelings in our body that can lead to “dis-ease”.

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