Empowered After A Narcissist Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Flip The Trauma Switch After A Narcissistic Relationship

After a relationship with a narcissist, we can easily feel stuck; ruminating about what happened, or what should have been.

Our self-worth is at an all-time low, we feel exhausted and we can be dealing with a variety of grief stages including anger and depression.

But after all of the gaslighting and other types of manipulation, we’re blinded to our ability to “flip the switch”, because we can only see and feel where we currently are.

Flipping the switch is referring to changing our experience to the complete opposite, because there’s a universal law called the Law of Polarity.

This law states that for everything that exists there’s an opposite situation.

This means that if there’s dark, there must be light.

If there’s fear, there must be love.

In other words, there’s two sides to every coin.

So we may feel like we’re in a “dark night of the soul”, while being blinded to the gift that’s right in front of us.

And also not feeling grateful for the experience, because the truth is there’s a lesson in everything and we can turn things around. (It can take a long time to see this.)

We can transform from the dark to the light, and yet you’re probably thinking “that’s easier said than done”.

And you’re right.

Because all of the energy-draining mind games from the narcissist created a pattern that’s stuck at the subconscious level of our mind, including the trauma bond to the narcissist.

We’ve been programmed by them. And yes, it’s insidious.

The truth is, we can read every book out there on the subject (reading about it is good to validate WHY we feel the way we do), but if we want to create true transformation, then we have to go deep.

One of the greatest tools in my “healers toolbox” is clinical hypnotherapy (customized guided meditation).

Through creating visualization and meditation techniques that are unique to the client’s personal situation at that moment, we can go deep to heal and shift our subconscious thinking and feeling from negative to positive.

I’ve seen amazing transformations such as people who stopped smoking after decades of trying, and weight loss that’s long term instead of painful fad diets. (I wrote an award-winning book on the subject.)

And it’s an awesome tool for narcissistic abuse recovery, because it takes us to the level we need to go to so that we can heal the trauma bond, as well as decades of trauma that allowed us to be attracted to the narcissist in the first place.

Because if we don’t work on the past trauma, then we leave ourselves wide open for more narcissistic abuse. (After two divorces to narcissists; I’ve been there, done that.)

I see people making the mistake of thinking they can read information and watch videos and they’ll be fine.

And certainly they’ll feel better once they’ve worked through the grief, but that’s only one stage of healing from narcissistic abuse.

So do yourself a favor, and take the first step to self-love by seeking the help you need to step into your power (the subconscious mind) and transform your life for the better.

You’ll be able to go from fear to love, from exhaustion to energy and from ruminating to confidence and clarity.

It’s the greatest way to heal and flip the switch and let the light shine in on our life while avoiding the darkness of future narcissistic relationships.

PS: Ready to move forward so you can get unstuck and on track in your life? Book a call with me to Discover Your Strength, Define Your Path, and Thrive after Narcissistic Relationships. Also, for women who are looking for support, you’re invited to join the Facebook group.

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