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Creating Clarity For Our Life After A Narcissist

We’re born knowing who we are. We’re our authentic self; fully aligned.

Then something happens…

Our parents or other people say things, or we see or experience things that throws us off track; including trauma.

Our self-worth deteriorates.

We develop fears and beliefs that stop us from pursuing the things we want in life, and we lose sight of ourselves.

And when we get involved with a narcissist, we really go off the rails…

A fog develops that totally covers our vision for our life.

We’re so caught up in the trauma that we lose our sense of identity.

Our desires for our own life becomes completely suppressed.

After all, it’s all about the narcissist isn’t it?

We let them have their way or face the wrath of anger and a temper tantrum. And then we’re lost in that bond, without knowing who we are.

And even if we DO try to get clarity on our direction, often times that clarity is squashed by the narcissist who needs all of the attention on themselves.

When I was in the trauma bond, I wasn’t allowed to be me. And if I tried to be, I was shoved back down into place; a place that had me believing that I wasn’t worth it.

I couldn’t be in my power, living my true purpose.

Because that would mean that it wasn’t about them, and just maybe they would be overshadowed. 

So once we’re able to release the grip the narcissist has on us and begin to heal, we can start discovering ourselves again.

So on a mental and emotional level (and I mean deep soul level), we must go back to the drawing board; and dive down into our true hearts desire.

Here’s the five step process:

  1. We check ALL areas of our life, and take a look at our level of satisfaction for each one.
  2. Then we take a look at the area we’re most unhappy with, and decide what would make our heart sing.
  3. Next, we check for roadblocks (trauma that needs healing, fears and limiting beliefs).
  4. We heal those roadblocks through deeply guided meditation and other holistic tools so we don’t run into issues down the road.
  5. And finally, we make a plan that suits our desires, so we can follow it step by step with ease and joy.

Then we rinse and repeat with each area of our life where we’re not satisfied.

When we cover all of these bases, then the magic happens, and we finally live a life that’s Aligned, Authentic and Abundant.

And that, my friend is a far cry from the ties that bind us to the narcissist.

Helping women to finally step into their power, heal their trauma and discover themselves with abundant clarity so they can get their lives on track is something that makes my heart sing.

We all have the ability to go there, but we need to start believing and trusting in ourselves first.

PS: For women who want to heal, love themselves and get their life on track after a narcissist, you’re invited to join the Facebook group. You’re also welcome to check out my Work With Me page for help to heal and get on track fast.

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