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Trusting Our Intuition After A Narcissist

When we feel stuck and we’re searching for answers, we often look for it outside of ourselves after a relationship with a narcissist.

This is because we don’t trust our own intuition or “gut” feeling.

It happens because we believed the narcissist was awesome in the beginning because of all of the love bombing, until we ended up thinking we made a mistake. (But we didn’t actually make a mistake, instead it was a trap that we fell into.)

We believe it was all our fault; that we “should have known better”.

Even the smartest and most intuitive of us are blinded to the reality.

After all, empaths are intuitive.

Then we become afraid that we could get sucked back in again because we’ve lost the trust in ourselves.

Also, when we’ve been torn down by the narcissist, it erodes our self-esteem along with believing what our inner knowing is trying to tell us.

All of this combined leads to confusion, anxiety and fear.

And above all, there’s a lack of connection with who we really are.

Then we feel lost, and have a hard time getting unstuck and on track to living a life that’s authentic.

So, we may ask other people including psychics, friends, or search the internet, etc. as we stay disconnected.

What we fail to see, is that WE need to get back to trusting our own inner guidance again. We’re just not used to tapping into that power, because we’ve become disempowered.

We don’t believe that we’re good enough to have the answers within ourselves. And tragically, we miss the answers that are the MOST right for us.

I’ve done this myself. I assumed that others had the answers that I didn’t.

And the funny thing is, that my intuition would try to tell me, but I’d dismiss it.

Instead, I’d seek the answers elsewhere, and then I’d learn the lesson that my OWN intuition was right all along.

So, the key is to find that connection again. (We need to tap into our power and tune into the frequency that we’ve disconnected from.)

And once we re-learn to do that, we’re able to take charge of our life. We take back our divine right. We learn to trust the guidance we were born with.

BEFORE the narcissist happened and the channel we were tuned into got disconnected.

Before we stopped believing.

If you feel disconnected, just remember; it’s still there. It hasn’t left. You’ve simply forgotten how to tune in, or you don’t trust it.

And we get back to it by healing the past, loving ourselves and feeling confident in our inner knowing. We do this the most quickly and effectively through healing tools and meditation.

I’ve done it; so can you.

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