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When Trauma Makes Our Life Blow Up And Re-Align

At this time I’m happily married, living in a beautiful; peaceful place, and feeling grateful for where I am in my life. I’m following my purposed of helping other women in a way that feels totally aligned with who I really am.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Trauma was something that started early in my life.

I grew up in an alcoholic environment with plenty of arguing as well as abuse.

My parents divorced and my father moved away when I was 16. I never saw him again. (I did hear from him, but the letters and phone conversations were often traumatic.)

This was followed by an alcoholic step parent who passed away when I was 17, which led to my first marriage at 19.

But my insecurities from trauma led to more poor choices, as I went from one marriage to another, searching for happiness.

Two of those marriages were to narcissists (as I learned at the end of the second one).

After all, the manipulation and covert abuse was so insidious that I knew there must be a name for it.

The most painfully bizarre part was the gaslighting, “gotcha games” and trauma bond of relationships with narcissists.

The marriage to the second one was over after being discarded for someone else.

And I felt like I’d been shoved into a deep, dark pit; feeling exhausted on every level, and left to crawl out on my own.

In fact, it was affecting me physically as I felt sick for weeks as the truth bombs fell, and the chronic lying became obvious.

Women messaged me on social media to say: They had been a “survivor” of a relationship with him, that they had been “chased after” by him, and one even told me that she had been sexually assaulted by him.

Old friends had distanced themselves from me because they could see who the narcissist was from the beginning and didn’t want to be around him, and after the breakup there were other friends who didn’t believe what I went through because they were blinded by his charm.

The distancing and lack of belief in my experiences from friends added to the already traumatic experience of being gaslighted over and over again. And ultimately, it was lonely.

The entire experience shoved my self esteem into the ground.

But There Was Hope

My background is life coaching, intuitive guided meditation and mind/body wellness tools. I’d helped other women get their life on track, and had also written an award-winning book on healing from the inside out.

So with my own tools and the support of other healers, I worked through it and stepped back into my power to get my life on track. I’ve healed layers of fears, beliefs and trauma from throughout my life.

And now I’m helping other women do the same, because I know what it takes.

If you’ve been through this, know that you’re not alone and that you can heal and get your life on track too with the right tools and support.

You’re invited to join the Facebook group, and book a complimentary Clarity call with me to get abundantly clear on your next steps.

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