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Healing Chronic Life Issues

For 20 years I’ve been on the Mind/Body/Soul healing journey, starting with study and healing arts school.

And since then, my perception has always been this Wheel of Trauma, which has Unhealed Trauma at it’s core, and the resulting issues that manifest in life because of the unhealed trauma.

Which is why you might see me posting on weight issues (which I wrote a book on), and then talking about narcissistic abuse (my next book).

Because the source of their cause is similar: Unhealed trauma.

Many of us have unhealed trauma, but the difference is the way that it manifests in our life.

And by the way; we never forget trauma, but we can work on healing it at an emotional level and freeing ourselves from having it manifest in different ways in our life. (Which is a win-win).

The way that it manifests can be related to our upbringing, or some other aspect of who we are. However, it’s not about focusing on the way that it manifests, but rather what’s at the CORE.

When we focus on healing the core trauma, the external manifestations are healed as well and we discover balance.

For me personally; I’ve seen alcoholism, obesity, depression and toxic relationships manifest in my family, with my own past struggle primarily around toxic relationships, including narcissistic abuse and failed marriages.

And these issues perpetuate from generation to generation, when left unhealed.

The negative energy keeps creating cycles of dysfunction, dis-ease and overall unhealthy lives.

But there IS hope.

When we work on ourselves, it has the effect of stopping the ongoing generational trauma, not to mention freeing ourselves from our own chronic, re-occurring issues.

And we don’t need to worry about how the unhealed trauma will manifest next.

In the end, we learn to love ourselves and our life, and discover balance on all levels: Mind, Body and Soul.

And, future generations benefit from it as well, as our own healing ripples out into the world.

PS: If you’re struggling with toxic relationships including healing from narcissistic abuse, feel free to Schedule your complimentary clarity call here, and let’s see where you are and what steps you need to take to get on track.

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