Healing After A Narcissist Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

The Cold, Hard Truth About Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

After a relationship with a narcissist, the emotions vary widely and can include:

  • Anger
  • Depression (Anger Turned Inward)
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Numbness
  • Shock
  • Confusion

And as we’re feeling all of it, our focus is on the narcissist; which continues to perpetuate these emotions as they grow from all of the energy we’re putting into them.

And we feel overwhelmed.

We’re talking to others about them, reading or watching videos about their personality disorder (good for temporary validation), and continuing to focus on them in any way possible.

While we vent about their pathological lying, habitual cheating, abusive manipulation, and overall disgusting personality (we’re not wrong about that), the narcissist is getting all of our POWER, because the focus continues to be on THEM.

So actually, we’re playing right into their hand of them getting ALL of the attention; which is exactly what they want.

And here’s what’s insidious: As we continue to focus on them and feeling those emotions, we go from feeling mentally ill to feeling physically ill, and ultimately: Completely Disempowered

Because they’re STILL getting all of our power. And is that what we really want? I think not.

Here’s What To Do

Get those emotions out:

  • Feeling angry? Take up kickboxing, martial arts or another anger outlet.
  • Feeling sad? Have a good cry; and if you can’t cry, then watch a sad movie.
  • Feeling anxious? Try something therapeutic such as baking or knitting.

Other options include relaxing guided meditations, massage, energy healing (Reiki, Pranic, etc.), reflexology or other holistic healing modalities.

Get some validation from a counselor or therapist, who’ll tell you you’re not insane.

Because the truth is: You’ve got to put the focus on YOU instead of them.

It’s the ONLY way to take your power back and start feeling better. (As hard as it may seem.)

You can also join a group and get support from others who’ve been there.

And also Be in a program that specializes in this, and gives you the tools you need to heal and get on track in your life.

And when all is said and done, you’ll be stronger than ever. 

You’ll learn how to love yourself, and not allow it to happen again. Because the truth is that life is filled with lessons; some harder than others.

Know that you’re not alone and that there’s compassion, support and options out there for you.

Step into your power, dump the narcissist in every way possible, and put the focus on YOU.

You’ve got this.

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