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The Fastest Way To Stop Spinning In Your Head

Ever notice when you wake up in the morning, that you have more clarity than you did the night before?

You may have felt confused about something, and now you’re floating in a relaxing sea of clarity.

It’s because you “got out of our head”. 

Because when we sleep, we go to the subconscious level of our mind, which is actually the larger and more powerful part of our mind. It’s where our habits, emotions and dreams are.

It’s where we tap into our imagination, and actually feel like a kid again.

It’s both peaceful and powerful.

We get our clarity there, because it doesn’t happen at the surface level (the conscious mind).

We may have been painfully spinning in our head (something I’ve been a master at); trying to figure out our direction, or make a decision about something. (And ironically the smarter we are, the more difficult it can be.)

We can get so stuck that we’d like to just cry about it, but there’s a much more simple and effective solution.

You could go to sleep. But if you’re like me, once you’re out; you’re out. (For long periods of time.)

The other option is guided meditation. I say guided, because those of us that spin in our head can find it difficult to quiet our mind. The resulting belief is that it’s impossible for us to meditate.

That’s where someone like myself comes in. I intuitively take you on a journey of step-by-step relaxation, followed by tapping into your imagination.

This helps you to free yourself from painfully spinning in your head, and allows you to also get quick clarity on the answers you’re seeking.

When I work with clients individually, I tailor the meditations to work for them. Also, I have meditations on my YouTube channel (with more on the way, and a new microphone coming.) 😉

So if you’re experiencing the pain of head-spinning, my hope for you is that you take a few minutes (wherever you are) to relax, breathe and get out of your head and into your heart.

There’s stress-free happiness and unique solutions for you there.



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