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The Myth Of Following Your Bliss

I’ve always loved the Joseph Campbell quote:

“Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Mythology was Joseph’s jam, and I even named my business after this quote.

Because it gives us hope that there’s something better out there somewhere. And, doors will open for us if we simply step in that direction.

Whether we’re in a career that doesn’t quite fit, in a relationship that’s not for us or living somewhere that’s not aligned with who we are, we can look up at the sky and dream “what if?”.

But as I’ve discovered, there’s much more to the story.

The trap is thinking that all we have to do is figure out what’s in our heart, and then joyfully head in that direction.

Oh no, my friend. If only it were only that easy.

After all; if that were the case, then we’d all be joyfully being, doing or having something other than where we’re at.

So, consider this Joseph Campbell quote as well:

“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”

And, this third quote:

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

So you see, there’s much more to the story.

Along the way are the roadblocks that inevitably stop us in our tracks, and send us in the wrong direction.

What’s the ultimate solution? It’s having the right mindset.

And accurate clarity requires deep soul searching, followed by understanding what the “caves of fear” are, (not to mention the caves of limiting beliefs.)

This can include:

  • Not believing in ourselves.
  • Lacking confidence in our abilities.
  • Feeling that we don’t deserve what we want.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Religious beliefs that keep us stuck.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Limiting money beliefs such as “money doesn’t grow on trees”.
  • Believing we should be something that our parents wanted.
  • And on, and on…

The list is virtually endless, and is unique to each of us.

It’s as though each of us has a unique list of ingredients in our heart and mind, but…

The reason so many people are out of alignment with their true selves, is because they “can’t read the label when they’re inside the bottle”.

Napoleon Hill dove into this in his book “Think And Grow Rich” where he talked about “how to outwit the six ghosts of fear”, “auto-suggestion” and the “subconscious mind”.

These are the places we need to go to heal our past, release our roadblocks and get on the right track.

And, having the right mindset each step of the way keeps us moving in the right direction.

Then we can finally get “unstuck” and live the life we’re meant to.

PS: Ready to finally dive in and get clarity on the next steps to creating your next great chapter in life? Book your complimentary Clarity Call with me, and let see what we discover.


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