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The Major Life Change Reset After A Narcissist

Ever watch the movie Under The Tuscan Sun?

It’s one of my favorites, because the main character goes through the immense pain of an unexpected divorce (her husband was having an affair), and then she follows her heart (with some fear); but in the end, her life ends up being better than it was.

I appreciate the story because I’ve been there; a few times — twice to narcissists. 

And it’s led to a major life reset. 

Divorce can include not just going from being married to being single, but also having to sell our home and move to another city or town, changes with children, possibly letting go of animals and maybe even switching careers or closing a business we had with our spouse.

Many things can change at once, and it’s allot.

Sometimes a life change comes on gradually. We see it coming. And, we might be the one who’s the catalyst for change because we can’t take the discomfort anymore.

And sometimes we know in our heart and soul that it’s coming, but we cover it up with denial because going through change is something we often resist.

But even though we resist the pain of change, it can be the best thing we ever go through in the end. (It just doesn’t seem like it at the time, especially when we’re breaking through a trauma bond with a narcissist.)

And we can be in such a state of shock, that we can’t see through the pain.

For example: When someone leaves us for someone else and the major truth bombs fall from the sky, that’s when we really need to love ourselves by healing our heart and getting a grip on the path that’s right for us.

It actually sets us up for a Major Life Reset. And this can be a total blessing.

It’s like God is saying: “You weren’t going to make the change, so I’m going to help you by blowing things up, so you can put the pieces of your life back together the right way.”

Then we’re looking at a “clean slate”, and we’re free to create a life of our dreams. There’s actually hope in this.

When it happens unexpectedly, that’s when we need to dig deep into our heart, and figure out what our next life chapter will look like.

And sometimes it’s hard to see through the smoke of that major life bomb that just hit.

It’s a great time to get insight from someone who can help us see through the smoke, and into our heart.

It’s important to get our life aligned in the right direction, so that we’re not having to backtrack later.

We need to take these steps:

  1. Get total clarity on our hearts desire for our new life (in every area)
  2. Move through the fears of heading in a new direction.
  3. Heal the past so that it doesn’t create emotional roadblocks along the way.
  4. Create a plan that inspires us to live the next great chapter of your life
  5. Make sure we have the right support from someone who understands and has the right tools.

And believe it or not, it can be an exciting time of new beginnings, and creating a life that’s better than ever.

PS: For women who want to heal, love themselves and get their life on track after a narcissist, you’re invited to join the Facebook group.

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