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Is Your Life Aligned With Who You’ve Become?

Life changes. There’s an ebb and flow.

In our adult life, we start out being one thing or doing one thing, and then life changes and we may struggle to change with it, even though it’s what our heart wants.

And this can especially happen when we get toward midlife.

Something feels off. There’s a knowing that things aren’t quite right in our world.

And we can go off in allot of directions, searching for answers. (I’ve done it myself.)

In my “life guidance” work with women, it’s been rewarding to help them make the shifts they need to make, so that their outside life matches their inside desires.

The feeling of being aligned with our heart is freeing.

Here’s three examples:

A woman came to me who had moved across country a year before. She thought that she was going on a new adventure; moving to a hot desert climate. But she was very unhappy.

Together, we uncovered that she loved to garden and have allot of trees around her. After getting clarity on what her true heart’s desire was and freeing herself of thoughts that held her back, she moved within a few months to another state, and a climate that was was right for her. 

I worked with another women, who in this case was very unhappy in her career and where she was living. The job she was in paid well, but her heart yearned for something else. (I’ve been there as well.) We uncovered that she had a deep desire to have her own business helping other women to look and feel their best, and she wanted to do it in a city that she used to live in. (Where she left her heart).

After getting crystal clear and moving past thoughts that had stood in her way (including money restrictions), she made a plan; exited her job, moved back to where she really wanted to be and started her now successful business.

Another woman was feeling unhappy in her marriage. She had children with her husband, but she no longer felt they were meant to be together, and she had a much different desire for her life.

She stated that she couldn’t do the things she wanted to while she was with her husband, and she felt restricted. But she stayed where she was because of her religious beliefs, and yet she couldn’t resolve the unhappiness in her heart.

While working together, she made the decision to move on, and now she’s doing the things that she loves to do, that she couldn’t do before.

A Common Thread

In all of the situations, the shifts that needed to be made required diving deep into their hearts to get crystal clear on their true desires, and move through any fears or beliefs that were keeping them stuck in the unhappiness of being unaligned with their heart.

And then of course, we need to take the steps to achieve it.

We also need to keep in mind that we don’t all want the same things, and must avoid the pitfalls of thinking that we “should” do something just because it’s what someone else would do.

We must be true to ourselves. The struggle is that we can’t read the label when we’re inside the bottle.

So, getting outside help that will help us to read what we can’t, and getting support to move through the resistance as quickly as possible is the answer.

And what I want for all women is to see them follow their heart, and live a life that’s aligned and authentic to who THEY are. And that’s the beauty of it all.

PS: If you’re a woman over 40 who’s feeling out of alignment with who you really are, you’re invited to book a complimentary Clarity Call where we’ll take a look at where you’re at, where your heart desires to go, and how to get there in the smoothest way possible.

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