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Weight Loss And The War In The Middle East

Wait, what? Hear me out on this.

A battle has been raging for centuries in various ways.

In the Middle East, countries and cultures clash, and they’ve stayed stuck in their fighting for eons.

It’s because the mindset remains unchanged: Hatred, anger, fear, frustration, division and more negative emotions continue to fly back and forth along with the bombs.

We Do It To Ourselves Too

We get stuck in our daily frustrations or fears, and a range of other negative emotions. Sometimes it comes from past trauma. Often times it’s a habit that we can’t seem to shake.

And how does it affect our weight? It’s not good.

We wind up stuffing our negative emotions, and filling the void with foods that we crave in an attempt to offset those emotions.

But There’s A Better Way

Check out this chart: It’s an emotional scale.

At the bottom are negative emotions that don’t feel good on any level: Mind, Body and Soul.

And it’s important to make sure we don’t stay stuck at that level, because it wreaks havoc in many ways. It creates a war on the outside, and a war on the inside.

We can gain weight, destroy relationships, get stuck in poverty, and have a poor quality of life overall.

So What’s The Solution?

Here’s how we remedy the situation to create balance in our life, and more joy in the world:

  1. Have an awareness of our current emotional state.
  2. If it’s on the low end of the scale, focus on moving up the scale (even if it’s only a couple of notches)
  3. The two best tools for this are Appreciation and Love

So we do this by either starting a mental list of the things that we love or appreciate, or we start journaling about it.

Start thinking about the people, animals and other things in your life. What do you appreciate about them, OR what do you love about them?

“Think about something you love” – Bob Proctor from the documentary The Secret

I’ve had times in my own life where I’ve felt stuck in the negativity: Anger, fear, resentment, etc.

Sometimes appreciation (some people call it “gratitude”) works well, but other times it can be hard to reach that place. It may seem hard to get thereĀ  from where we are now.

In that case, thinking about things that we love can fill our heart, so there’s no need to fill that emptiness with something else like food or potentially toxic relationships.

Personally, I’m a huge animal lover. So just thinking about my cats, dogs or goats (yes, those are my “kids”) really brings my “frequency” up several notches.

I also think about the positive qualities of my spouse. And by the way, pointing out those positive qualities to THEM brings their emotions up several notches too which works wonders for relationships. šŸ˜‰

So do yourself a huge favor, and pay attention to your emotions.

It’s an ongoing process.

And this isn’t something that we solve once, and then we’re good.

Because inevitably, someone or something will show up in our life that will throw us off track. That’s just life. Then it’s time to bring our emotions up again so we can get back on track.Ā 

It’s needed; not just for ourselves, but for the entire world.

After all, what would it be like if we ALLĀ felt love and appreciation for each other?

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