Clarity at Mid-Life Soul Searching

In My 40’s My Life Went “Crazy”

I can’t say exactly what day it was, but somewhere in my 40s my life began to change: Drastically.

I really began to ask those deep questions: Who am I, REALLY? What am I MEANT to be doing with my life?

And then I began to go down the rabbit hole…

After all, the clock was ticking. (I wasn’t getting any younger.)

I had a “secure” job in finance. I was making a good living. But I wanted more.

I wanted to feel a deep soul connection to what I was doing.

But I was very much “in my head” and not in my heart. And so, I went on a journey of self discovery in a BOLD way.

I dug deep into spirituality, attended a healing arts school and QUIT; leaving my long-time corporate career.

Then I left my marriage, and chased after several dreams. I…

  • Wrote an award-winning book on why diets don’t work
  • Helped women get their life on track with Life Coaching
  • Became a director in a direct sales skin care company
  • Organized a conference
  • Ran workshops for hypnotherapists in the US and the UK
  • Opened an in home care business for people living with dementia
  • Formed a non-profit that used horse therapy to heal trauma
  • Helped women heal from narcissistic abuse
  • Dove into animal communication and taught a course on it
  • Started a chocolate business

What can I say; it’s been a journey. But the one thing I CAN say, is that I’ve perfected the art of soul-searching, and I know how to take people deep into their heart to understand who they’re meant to be and what’s holding them back.

Because going deep into soul is where we discover who we REALLY are, and not who we THINK we should be.

Do you know what your next great chapter looks like? 

Having abundant clarity and knowing on a deep level who you are makes all the difference. Then you can avoid the pitfalls of going down a path that’s not right for you.

So if you’re wondering what YOUR next great chapter is, I’m available to talk. I offer a complimentary Clarity Call to take a look at where you are and discover the possibilities for your next steps.

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