How To Get Unstuck

We Can’t Read The Label When We’re Inside The Jar

We all have wounds; we just can’t see them.

We often go through life thinking things are “ok”. But then we wonder why certain issues keep repeating themselves.

For example, we may want to lose weight. We try and try to get rid of some of it – maybe even simply 10 pounds.

But we find ourselves craving the same thigs over and over again. And we believe we can stop it with our mind, but it never works.

We just HAVE to reach for the thing that we keep having the urge to eat.

That’s because it’s not a mental problem, it’s an emotional problem.

And these emotional problems come from wounds that run much deeper than we can see. Because we just can’t read the ingredients label from inside the jar.

We can’t see what’s REALLY going on.

And it all feels so “normal” because we’ve been living this way for most of our lives.

It’s become a habit that’s hard to break.

And in order to diffuse the habit, we need to go deep to the source.

It’s like trimming the weeds versus pulling them out at the root. When we keep trimming them, they just keep growing back.

And it’s tough to pull out the roots by ourselves, especially because we can’t see them. They’re out of our line of sight.

We need a second set of eyes to help guide us to the core, heal and release what’s keeping us stuck, so we can finally be free to be who we’re meant to be.

Otherwise, we can find ourselves in the same spot months, or even years from now and not living the life we’re meant to.

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