Intuitive Guidance

Be Your Own Oracle

When we feel stuck and we’re searching for answers, we often look for it outside of ourselves.

We ask psychics, use oracle cards, search the internet, etc. (Yes, I know that oracle cards help guide people to answers, but I prefer to “tune in” to my guidance. It’s what I’ve been trained to do.)

What we fail to see, is that WE are our own oracle. We’re just not used to tapping into that power.

Or maybe we don’t TRUST it.

We don’t believe that we’re good enough to have the answers within ourselves. And tragically, we miss the answers that are the MOST right for us.

I’ve done this myself. I assumed that others had the answers that I didn’t.

And the funny thing is, that my intuition would try to tell me, but I’d dismiss it.

Instead, I’d seek the answers elsewhere, and then I’d learn the lesson that my OWN intuition was right all along.

So, the key is to find that connection again. (It’s like tuning into a radio frequency.) 

And once I learned to do that, I was able to help others do it too. (I even practiced and taught animal communication.)

And they were able to take charge of their life. They learned to trust the guidance that they were born with…

BEFORE life happened and the channel that they were tuned into got disconnected.

Before they stopped believing.

If you feel disconnected, just remember; it’s still there. It hasn’t left. You simply forgot how to tune in.

Follow me and I’ll show you.