Clarity at Mid-Life Life Purpose

That Mid-Life Point When We Think “I’ve Got To Move On”

We can get to a point in life when the comfortable becomes uncomfortable, and we know it’s time for a change. But, we have NO IDEA what that looks like OR we think we know, but we feel stuck.

There I was in the corporate cubicle at the age of 49. And I thought “I need to move on. I don’t want to be here at 60”.

It felt like my last chance to live life on MY terms.

After all, I didn’t want my tombstone to read “she had a great 401k”. That just felt empty.

I had studied life coaching, hypnotherapy and mind-body wellness. I’d written an award winning book.

But I was still tied to the “golden handcuffs”.

And my soul was prodding for change. I felt it was now or never, and I had to “take the leap”.

It was scary, but I knew there was no other choice. My soul was calling me to another purpose.

Then I went down a road of self-discovery and trial and error.

And I learned that BEFORE we take a leap in life, we need to have abundant clarity; a plan that’s totally aligned with who we REALLY are.

Then we need to know how to get past the fears and limiting beliefs that will get in our way so we don’t get stuck.

And we need a process to do it.

So with my trusty mindset tools, knowhow and experience, I’ve developed a process that helps people get abundantly clear on their next steps, and helps them to glide over the mindset pitfalls that will create resistance.

The end result is living a life that’s CLEARLY blissful and on purpose. And that’s a sweet life.

P.S. If you’re lacking clarity on your direction and would like help to get started creating your next great chapter, you’re invited to book a Clarity Call with me and we’ll get you focused and on track.

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