Life Purpose What's Your Why?

Do You Know Your WHY?

Maybe you’ve heard of the “WHY” thing before. It’s all about knowing the PURPOSE behind your life and WHY you’re doing in it.

And there’s allot of truth in it, because it’s the passion and connection with our heart that drives us.

You might have read a previous post about my “Decade from Heck” and how crazy it was.

I jumped from a 22-year corporate career and went on a journey of self discovery. And there were allot of “ouches” along the way.

Such huge lessons.

And all of the time consuming lessons and pitfalls come from a lack of true purpose, which really comes from being disconnected from the HEART.

And when we DO get out of our head and into our heart, we discover that drive in life.

For example, entrepreneurs learn how important it is to have the drive to succeed, since most businesses fail.

And that drive is a passion. It’s knowing there’s a bigger purpose behind what we’re doing.

It’s understanding that life is short, so we only have so much time left to serve from the heart and do what we came here to do.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME of everyone were in alignment with their unique gifts?

If they became unstuck from the mental and emotional chains that keep them from being who they really are?

We’d have a world of effectiveness. Of people serving in the best way possible.

It would improve life all around, and it would be a beautiful thing.


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