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Get Away To Discover You

Yep, that’s me kissing the Blarney stone at Blarney Castle in Ireland

It was one of the best trips ever. I felt connected to the country, and in turn, I felt connected to ME.

But I almost didn’t go.

I was busy writing my book at the time and thought I had to get it done ASAP.

I was running on the proverbial treadmill between the career and chasing after my dream. But when we’re in that anxious place, it really doesn’t serve us.

We’re too much in our head. And I learned that getting away is one of the most effective ways to take ourselves out of analysis paralysis, and get more clarity than ever.

It’s how we become more effective in life, get clearer on our direction, and heal what’s been getting in our way.

And now I live in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona, where I get to connect with nature on a daily basis.

It’s common to see elk crossing the road, the changing colors of the seasons, and the beautiful mountains and landscapes that people don’t expect to see in a state that’s known for cactus.

And it helps me to stay connected to who I really am.

So for those who are feeling anxious, disconnected or lacking clarity, I’m offering time away to this place I call home.

It’s a way to help others to get back into their heart, and create a life that’s authentic to who they really are. 

I’ve seen amazing transformation through retreats, and have been honored to be part of someone’s personal journey.

I am feeling more focused and happier, many thanks to you. I am less worried and anxious, and taking one day at a time, while trying to get out in nature more for it relaxes me most. It feels like a gentle progression, it took a few days for everything to sink in after I left my retreat, and slowly, I’m changing my thought patterns and behavior. Your book has helped too.” Laurie Smith, retreat client

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