Finding Balance Self Care

Do something for YOU today…

When we nurture ourselves, it makes us so much more effective as humans.

We operate better.

It took me awhile to learn this one.

As a helper, I wanted to help family, friends, and fur babies first. Then I’d end up running on empty. ⛽️

I noticed the subtle nuances of this when I’d feed my animals first. 🐶🐈‍⬛🐎

Then the realization of: “Wait. I need to feed ME first so I can properly take care of them.” 🥙

Then I had to work at changing my habits. It was a constant reminder of self care. It’s not selfish. It’s not conceited. It’s simply necessary to keep ourselves healthy.

Start off with simple things like:

👉 Do I need rest?

👉 Do I need to go to the bathroom and am I forcing myself to wait?

👉 Am I allowing myself to eat something when I’m hungry, OR am I eating because I’m tired or stressed?

Start small, and then you can remember to:

💕 Book that hair appointment

💕 Get that massage you’ve thought about

💕 Go get a facial or your nails done

This is how we discover balance. This is how we function in a happy and healthy way.

And everyone around us benefits from it.

That’s the beauty of it, my beautiful friend. It’s not only okay to care of YOU, it’s necessary for your survival. 💃

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