Self Respect

Don’t take crap from ANYONE…

After over six decades of living this life, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not let let others walk all over me. 🥾

This has been a lesson that’s like a cosmic two-by-four hitting me upside the head. 😱

There was the time that I sat in a psychologist’s office telling her how bad my relationship was and she said “excuse me, do you have the word DOORMAT written on your forehead?”

What a turning point.

It was a huge lesson in really looking at what I was willing to tolerate. 😳

Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon again (particularly in relationships), and was “hit upside the head” a time or two more before REALLY getting the lesson.

As someone who likes to help people, I can say there’s a line between being helpful, and allowing ourselves to become a used dish rag. 🍽

As I mentioned previously, we’re molded by past experiences.

And that goes for our LACK of self worth, which results in allowing ourselves to be used or abused, and generally not taking care of ourselves.

👉 So remember to ask yourself: Am I being helpful, or am I being a doormat? You deserve to be loved, first and foremost.

THEN you can save the world, but on YOUR terms.

Self-preservation is the key to survival, so that you can live longer and serve BETTER. 🤗

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