How To Get Unstuck

Getting Out of Deep Stuck-ness

Ever find yourself spinning your wheels over and over again around the same issue?

I once took a group coaching program that was filled with “great” content. 

I was trying to make progress around a specific problem, and even though I studied the course thoroughly, took copious notes, and implemented the process…

A year later, I realized that I was still struggling with the same issue.

At first, I was a bit envious of the results that others were getting. Some of them seemed to be making leaps and bounds over a relatively short period of time.

But there were others who kept struggling, including me…

And then came the upsells: “You need this next program for ______ thousands more, which will REALLY help you to move forward.”

And it brought me back to once again knowing the truth: Some of us have scars at the SOUL LEVEL (fears and beliefs) that require healing so we can get unstuck and get past those specific stumbling blocks.

Those students that were progressing in the program quickly, didn’t need the healing that myself and others clearly needed (that the program didn’t solve).

Whether it was the belief in ourselves, our fears that we struggled with or something else, each of those issues were created by unique things that happened in our past.

NO ONE ELSE has the EXACT same experiences that we do, and therefore the hurdles are different for each person.

So the steps that were contained in that program were clearly more effective for some than they were for others.

We all have our own unique experiences, and individual scars that require healing in order to take the leaps and bounds that we yearn for in our life.

And if it hasn’t happened yet for you, then don’t get discouraged. You just haven’t found the right guidance so far.

After all, we can’t read the label when we’re inside the bottle.

It’s a matter of finding the right “coach” who can help us go deep to unlock the blocks that hold us back.

It’s what I was trained to do and have a knack for, but even I can’t do it on my own in order to help myself. Because none of us are immune from the need to go deep to the soul level for healing.

And when we do, we grow on so many levels; not just with a specific goal, but with pitfalls that we can now avoid in the future. 

And the beauty of it all is: It’s never too late.

P.S. If you’re searching for help with your “stuck-ness”, I’m here for you. You’re welcome to schedule a complimentary Clarity call, and we’ll get to the bottom of creating a focus for your next steps. Click here to book yours.



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