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When We Find Ourselves In A Place That We Didn’t Expect…

👉 Sometimes we find ourselves in a place that we didn’t expect to be in.
We thought the marriage was “forever”. (It seemed like true love.) 💔
We thought the career was the “right one” for us. (Maybe we even studied it in college.) 🎓
We used to love the place we’re living in, but maybe it doesn’t feel right anymore. 😳
And then we feel the urge to move on, OR life happens and now we’re forced to go in another direction, wether we like it or not.
Sometimes it comes as a sudden shock, and sometimes our soul is prodding us to make a change. 😱
And then we get stuck, which can feel lousy.
Dreaming of how things used to be, feeling bitter about the sudden change, and maybe even wondering “why?” Or “what’s next?”
Change brings up all sorts of mindset stuff: Lack of clarity, fear of the unknown, or many other thoughts that we don’t consciously know that we’re FEELING in a negative way. 🥺
But we can look at it as a fresh start. A new chapter. And a chance to reinvent ourselves. 💃
There’s true excitement when we see it as an adventure. 🏔
And the truth is, the real misery is BEFORE the change happens. Once we FREE ourselves on ALL levels (mentally, physically and emotionally), we can become who we really are. 😃
So if you’re in a transformation situation, focus on what you’re next adventure is going to be. 🔍
What’s YOUR next great chapter?📖
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