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The Decade from Heck (Crazy Times)…

They say that when we go through several major life transitions in a short period of time, it can push us to the brink. (There’s even a scale that measures it.)
And there’s a recent decade that I’m often surprised I survived (there were massive life changes: One after another.)
I managed to ride the waves and survived it all to find my way back to my authentic self. Here’s what happened:
  • I took the leap from a 22-YEAR corporate career that I’d worked hard to build.
  • I started FIVE new businesses. (Anyone whose been in businesses knows the challenges.) Some of those I’ve transitioned out of.
  • I assisted my mother and step father through their dementia traumas and eventual passing SIX MONTHS apart, and managed their affairs.
  • I moved SEVEN times, and two of those moves were 2,200 miles across country with eleven animals in tow: Five horses, two goats, two dogs and two cats.
  • I married twice and divorced twice. (Let’s just say I wrote some stellar articles on narcissism and it’s devastating impact.) But it’s all good because…
  • I finally found Mr. Right, then almost lost him to a deadly infection.
And in the end, I found myself. I’m with the person that I’m truly meant to be with, I live in a beautiful place with my awesome fur babies while doing the work I truly love.
It doesn’t get much better than that.
So with my transformational life coaching and deep guided meditation tools that I’ve used effectively with clients for 17 years combined with my very personal experiences, I guide other women through their own life transitions to create their next great chapter. (In a faster and happier way.)
P.S.: If you’d like guidance to get clarity on your next steps, I offer a complimentary Clarity Call to help you get on the right track.  💕 Click here to book yours.

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