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What happens when a woman who was in a relationship with a narcissist tries to find her power, attract loving relationships and create a life that’s aligned with who she REALLY is

She gets stuck, because she’s unaware of residual trauma from the past that still needs healing, her self-worth is at rock bottom and she lacks clarity because she’s been devalued, gaslighted and has lost her sense of self.

So the deep layers of emotional trauma that need healing, and the confidence, clarity and empowerment that’s needed to move forward is virtually impossible to work through by herself. 😳

It takes the understanding of someone who’s been there, along with specialized tools and support because the pain from the narcissistic relationship runs deep. 😮‍💨

So she struggles on her own (no matter how smart and capable she is).

Hi, Kathleen Carroll Mason here.

After going through two divorces with narcissists and creating a life of love and fulfillment, I created my own custom methods to help women heal deeply, love themselves and have confidence and clarity in who they really are. 🦋

I also wrote an award-winning book on how to get results by going deep for healing and transformation.

👉 Through transformational tools and intuitive guidance, I help women get the support they need to move forward so they can:

🌟De-stress, heal deeply and release the negative energy from the narcissist.
🌟Learn to love themselves first so they can attract loving relationships.
🌟Get crystal clear on their true heart’s desire for their life.
🌟Have the support they need to move forward with confidence. 

And so much more…

I believe that emotionally empowered women will end narcissistic abuse in our culture.

I also believe that:

  1. Every woman has a beautiful and unique soul.
  2. That she is deserving of living a life that’s true to who she is.
  3. That when we love ourselves, we actually step into our power and are much more effective in the world.
  4. Being on the right path for us not only makes US happier, but that happiness radiates to others.
  5. Being out of alignment with our true self results in being unhealthy: Mentally, Emotionally and Physically.

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