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Hello Beautiful Soul, and Welcome to my world of Weight/Life Balance…

I’m an eclectic mix of former Corporate Financial Analyst and Soul-Healing Intuitive.

The combination of left-brain and right-brain power comes in handy in helping to understand why someone is stuck and spinning their wheels, and to help them go deep with a holistic approach to weight and life balance that creates lasting results.

The Mind/Body/Soul combination leads to more peace, joy and balance on ALL levels.

So if you’re ready to get off of the “die-it” merry-go-round and to truly love your life and feel good in your body, then it’s your time. 

You’ve helped everyone else, and now you’re ready to get on track.

I’m here for you, and to help guide you because I’ve been there. And, I fully understand what the ultimate cure is: To go within to relax and heal, savor our food without deprivation and release the excess weight without stress.

Hi, Kathleen Carroll Mason here, your Mind/Body Wellness Goddess and award-winning author on why diets don’t work. I help women over 40 love their body, their food and their life by helping them get their weight and life into balance in a Simple and Blissful way.

I’ll help you heal whatever internal stress and emotions are resulting in an external imbalance in your weight, and I’ll help you SAVOR your food and enjoy life on every level.

This is what I do through my programs and retreats.

“Thank you for all your emails as they have helped me lose 34 lbs to date. Much appreciated.” Selke

“Re-connecting with myself was a big lesson for me, as Kathy’s book pointed out. She gave me insight into this process, and pounds began to melt away without struggle. A new way of nurturing my body has been a pleasure and a delight.”
Debra R. Williams

Ready to get your weight and your life into balance? Then…