Breaking Free: Reclaiming Self-Love is a transformative program designed specifically for women who have experienced the damaging effects of a narcissistic relationship.

The program focuses on helping you to become free from the cycle of rumination and reclaim your power.

Through carefully crafted exercises, I take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-love, helping you let go of the trauma and embrace a future filled with confidence and inner strength.

By teaching you how to establish healthy boundaries and prioritize your own well-being, I empower you to create a life that is free from the toxic influences of the narcissist.

The program is the key to unlocking your true self and finding lasting happiness and fulfillment.

After all, the breakup with a Narcissist is a harrowing experience. The pain runs deep, and it can take YEARS to work through the trauma bond, a self esteem that’s been pounded into the ground, and having the smoke clear so you can see what your direction is in life.

You’ve got to have the right tools and support for this specialized area, and I’m not only a life coach and intuitive mind/body wellness practitioner, I’ve also been there – more than once.

My Zone of Genius is helping you to go deep to the heart and soul of the matter, heal from a relationship with a narcissist, and learn to love yourself again which shifts EVERYTHING in a positive way.

And if we’re thinking we want to find the “right” relationship, we need to work on ourselves FIRST and be happy with being in our own skin, so that we avoid attracting in another toxic relationship to fill the void.

But it’s┬áhard to do on our own. After all, we can’t read the label when we’re inside the bottle. So, I’m here to support you on your path in life.


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