It’s Your Time Beautiful Soul…

Maybe you’re realizing that your life is out of balance. You may have experienced:

  • Weight issues and yo-yo dieting
  • Health issues that are probably stress related
  • Repeating patterns that are just not healthy

And you wonder how to get on the right track to feeling better on all levels: Mind, Body and Soul

You’re ready to get off of the merry-go-round and to truly love your body and your life. Because after all, it’s YOUR time now.

You’ve helped everyone else, and now you’re ready to get on track.

I’m here for you, and to help guide you because I’ve been there. And, I fully understand what the ultimate cure is: To go within and savor…

Hi, Kathleen Carroll Mason here. Your intuitive life guide helping women over 40 love themselves, their food and their life. My background is a unique combination of Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner AND Chocolatier.

I’ll help you heal whatever internal stress and emotions are resulting in an external imbalance in your weight, and I’ll help you SAVOR your food and enjoy life on every level.
This is what I do through my programs and retreats.
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